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Print & Cut

Print & Cut also known as Digital heat transfer is similar to printing a photograph or full coloured design onto a shirt.
The technique and process is very similar to vinyl heat transfer printing. Firstly, a high resolution and clear design (above 300 dpi) is required for accurate and vibrant coloured finishing.

The design is created using software. Secondly, the “print and cut” machine does both jobs of applying coloured ink onto a special heat transfer film and finishes off by cutting out the contour shape of the design. Thirdly, it has to undergo a manual weeding process to remove excess vinyl films. It is done manually using special weeding tools or physically with hands. Fourthly, a sticky transparent film and a squeegee is required to extract and transfer the printed design over. Lastly, with the stick on film, it is transferred onto the shirt with the aid of the heat press machine.

The finishing results are smooth and the bleeding line is almost invisible depending on the shirt and design colour.

Dimensions of design and complexity of designs are the cost factor for digital heat transfer. The bigger the design, the more expensive it is. Drop us a message today for a quote!


  • Versatile and can be printed on various materials
  • Cost effective for small quantities with multiple-colour designs /li>
  • Able to print gradient effect and unlimited colours


  • Durability
  • Colours fading over time
  • Expensive for bigger designs (A4 and A3)
Durability of Vinyl Heat Transfer & Digital Heat Transfer Print

With delicate care and proper maintenance, a printed shirt is able to withstand the test of time with 30-50 washes or more.

General wash care tips:
  • Wash your t-shirt inside out
  • Do not iron over print
  • Using high temperature water can cause your printed shirts to peel or crack
  • Do not bleach as they contain harmful chemicals that may react with vinyl

Depending on your requirements, for single coloured designs like names and numbers which are often seen at the back of sports jerseys or class t-shirts, we recommend Vinyl heat transfer.

For full multi-coloured images or design, we recommend digital heat transfer.
Otherwise, if using lesser colours and larger quantities, a more recommended print will be Silkscreen Printing.

Alternatively, for full customisation, you can consider custom made service with sublimation printing

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