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Heat Transfer

Vinyl Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing has been around for decades and it is a widely used method to decorate apparel. We use a heat press machine and vinyl films to transfer graphics or designs onto a shirt.

Vinyl heat transfers involve the use of single coloured vinyl paper. First, a design is created using a special software. Next, a cutter machine plot and cut out the designs on the vinyl film.

Lastly, it has to undergo a manual weeding process. In printing context, weeding means the process of removing excess vinyl films such that the design is ready. It is done manually using special weeding tools or physically with hands. Lastly, the weeded vinyl film is flipped and pressed onto the shirt with the aid of the heat press machine.

Vinyl Heat Transfer paper usually comes in a roll of homogeneous single coloured film. Basic colours such as Black, Red, Yellow, White are common colours which printers usually carry.


  • Ideal for large lettering or numbers design, e.g.: Jersey Numbers
  • Cheapest option for basic customise order in small quantity
  • Can print on various materials


  • Durability. Can peel over time
  • Recommend to hand wash (not advisable for machine wash)
  • Limited colour range